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For Job Seekers

A Tech Job Board the Outdoor Recreation Industry

We aim to be the premier job board for tech professionals looking for careers at organizations in the outdoor recreation indsutry.

We are in the process of curating a list of high quality organizations in the outdoor creation industry that have the following qualities:

  • Have physical or digital outdoor recreation products or services
  • Have made demonstrable efforts to decrease the impact of their products or services on the environment
  • Treat their employees humanely through fair pay, fair equity, fair rest, and fair access to career advancement

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For Employers

A High Quality Source of Candidates Aligned With Your Organization's Goals

Candidates sourcing is both difficult and expensive and we aim to solve both of those problems.

  • You’ll get high quality candidates aligned with your organization’s goals. We do this by being a curated job board focused on the outdoor recreation industry.
  • It’s free to post as many jobs as you like. You only pay when candidates are hired.
  • You’re already paying agencies 20-30%, give us a try and you’ll only pay a fraction of that.

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